Monday, October 11, 2010

"20 Stories High," #Protomen 'fanart,' colored

Finished, I'm pretty sure. Final coloring of "20 Stories High".

Original file is 11 x 22", 300 dpi. I'll probably use 'Fractals to blow it up to poster size, though. This one's kinda growing on me.

Special thanks to my pal Shane for telling me to listen to this band, and thanks to the Protomen for making awesome tunes.

Must've logged 8 hours on this one, PSCS5, Toshiba R25 TPC.


Couldn't find a free hosting site that didn't: downsample your images, resize your images, or have a size limitation. So, trying out Megaupload. Two versions, both 1920x1080:

1920 x 1080 cropped

1920 x 1080 letterboxed

Let me know if it did anything weird. Thanks for checking out my art!


  1. Too bad it's not bigger. This would totally be my desktop wallpaper. It's awesome.

  2. How much would you want for a medium sized poster print? Email me at

  3. This is pretty awesome. I want a bigger version for my desktop too!

  4. Erm, ask and you shall receive, I suppose!

    Post up some resolutions, and I'll link to them in this thread. :)

  5. Come on now, Hayden! That's an aspect ratio. I will just make a 1920 x 1080 for those insaniacs who have 1080p displays.

  6. This is incredibly badass. I'd love to see a 1920x1080 wall of this too.

  7. haha. I meant to say any resolution that will fit 16:9 and not look like shite. :P