Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beauts n Bikes, "Cappuccino" sketch, and a night at Illustration Club

Cappuccino, a character design for my next illustration series, Beauts 'n Bikes. Or something like that.
Not sure where I'll take with this.

Met up with some Portland drawing folk tonight for "illustration club." Really a super fun experience getting together several other artists with different styles and takes on the industry. Everyone was hospitable and talented; definitely a breath of fresh air after my long slump in - well, everything. 

I've been working on this character design for Cappuccino all day. Still not quite nailed down, but it's getting there. Used a reference for her pose on the motorcycle; but the initial sketch of the bike was a generic single-cylinder cafe racer sketched from memory.. I think I used a Honda CL160 cafe racer for some finishing details. 

I have this strong urge to really simplify the forms in my ultimate quest to develop my distinct style. I'll take another pass over this one tomorrow and see where it takes me. :]

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