Thursday, March 17, 2011

Los Hermanos Robo, #NWBCAArtFair and a tip of the hat to @LAIKAHouse

When an island common wealth is enveloped in violent revolution, a brilliant agricultural technologist named Luz loses his factory and eldest son to the Colonel's iron fisted regime. A ray of hope comes for the factory's workers, now appropriated by the despot, in the form of a free-wrestling federation spearheaded by Luz's surviving son, Rey. Masquerading as the agile wrestling dynamo Rock Robo, Rey seeks to ignite the spirits of the oppressed with the help of his mysterious and stoic tag-team partner Blues. 
(Sorry if there was a double post. Blogger was being a weirdo)

Finished? coloring. May need to make further adjustments, as my tablet PC's screen tends to display images on the yellower side.

On another note, I had the opportunity to attend an art fair at the Yale Union Laundry Building in Portland. LAIKA/house was one of the event sponsors, and they had endeavored to reconstruct the set from the Mr. Peanut TV spot that debuted during this year's Super Bowl, along with one of the sets from Coraline. I had the opportunity to meet a few people, including some of the set technicians.

Being able to explore the set and study the models in close detail was awesome. There is a lot of work that goes into those sets and props, alot of which you don't get to appreciate once everything has been shot and edited. Check out some shots after the break!

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