Monday, March 14, 2011

Style development 1: revisiting the past #comics

My favorite page from my Universe Machine comic project for Visual Culture class, 2007
Writing, art and lettering all my own.

While trying to wrap my mind around some principles of effective character design, I've managed to turn out some character sketches that I've found satisfactory. But I'm pretty certain that these designs are still steeped in novicehood since a lot of my design solutions seem derived from those prescribed by the lessons I've been following. In a phrase, they're lacking a distinct style of my own.

So, I've been backtracking a bit through some of my really old stuff. Exhibit A: my first draft of Universe Machine, which I think I started in 2007 as an 8-week class project for Visual Communications.

Some of it is embarrassing and schlocky, but I can't help but admire the simplicity of abstraction I decided on for the project's style, with the precise purpose of expediting the work. I did all of these drawings with Photoshop drawing tools, bezier (?) curves, shape tools, lassos, marquis selections and layer effects.

I think this shape-driven style may be an excellent starting point for developing a personal style.

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